Final Update - Honda Parts Discounts


Final Update - Honda Parts New Discount Schedule

Further to our email newsletter from 5th July & the update newsletter from 11th July, please see below final update for some great news...!

All Engine Parts have now reverted to previous discount levels & some new Bulk Packs are available which will give even greater discount than before.

Please ensure you download the following new files from our website ASAP:
Discount Schedule & Supplier Charges / **uni-power Honda Engines Bulk Pack Discounts (July 2022)
Honda Downloads - Excel Price File Downloads / *Honda Engine Parts GBP RRP Price List (14th July 2022)

*This price file is in addition to the previous Honda Parts GBP RRP Price List (1st July 2022); if you are loading these onto your business software systems, load the Honda Parts file first, then the Honda Engine Parts file (This will ensure that all new engine part codes overwrite duplicate part numbers in the other file).

**Bulk Packs are identified by our internal discount code of BP, these codes will not be shown in either price file.

Our internal business software system has already been updated, our Webcart will update overnight.

All Machinery Parts discounts will remain as per advised on 5th July.