Brexit Pre-Buy


Brexit Pre-Buy
To all our valued customers, due to the uncertainty surrounding our departure from the EU & the real possibility of tariffs being imposed for all items sourced from the EU, we have been increasing our Engine/Transmission/Parts stock holding for some months now.
As your supply chain is vital to ensure uninterrupted supply to your customers at the very best prices (Before possible tariffs are imposed), we would suggest that you also increase your own stock holding at this time.

Please place your Brexit Pre-Buy stock orders ASAP.

Original Equipment Manufacturers
To all our valued OEM’s, as well as placing your Brexit Pre-Buy orders, please also confirm your 2019 Engine/Transmission forecasts ASAP.

NB: the new Stage V Diesel Engine Emission Regulations (Effective 1st January 2019) may also effect supply, as Engine Manufacturers continue to increase production line capacity for supply of the new engines.

Many thanks for your urgent attention in this matter.